Wanting Sugar? Just say NO

Years ago I used to keep a stash of Snickers bars in my freezer for just a time like this.  I’m wanting sugar. Chocolate. Some thing high in sweetness. In the last few years I discovered that eating chocolate contributed to my migraines. Once I stopped eating all chocolate (even chocolate as icing on a cake) my migraines were a things of rarity. This was a miracle considering at the time migraines were debilitating my life.

Today, I rarely buy a candy bar of any kind. Except on those rare – exceedingly rare occasion when I buy a bag of Gummy Bears – the Haribo brand – because they remind me of my childhood – spending 3 years in Germany in the mid 1960’s.

I like them because I can eat just a small amount and tuck them away. 10 Gummy Bears and I’m satisfied. Mostly.

I discovered another “just a small amount” in Starburst Minis. I love them. No unwrapping to enjoy a chew. Little “chick-let” sized bites – but in this case – a handful of a few is not enough. I eat a few. Grab a few more. And in no time – if I’m not being mindful – I’ve devoured 300 calories of those yummy things.

And so the “mother voice” inside my head tells me I can not buy them when I see them at the store because my self-control mechanism does not seem to work with Starburst Minis.

I just said NO to them again as I passed them by in the grocery store. And again at the CVS drugstore. Sadly – I must keep saying NO.